Week 3: Understanding Genre, Media, Audience, and Purpose

  • As writers: How is writing changing in the 21st century? How is it not? What do new tools such as blogs, wikis, and collaborative word processors offer us in our writing process? What other media can we compose in, including images, videos, and sounds?
  • As teachers of writing: What are our traditional expectations of "writing" in K-12 schools? How do newer literacies and technologies challenge or completely overturn these expectations? What do we need to know and be able to do with technology in order to help our students become effective digital writers?

Writing Workshop Time

Class Time

Homework and Announcements

  • Readings on Grammar and Spelling
  • Calkins (Ch 18), Jeff Anderson (Bb), and Wheeler and Swords (Bb)
  • Field Notes Check #3: Please have your next two weeks of midtier notes updated in Google Docs by midnight on Sunday, March 17.