Week 7: Examining Student Writing: Formative and Summative Assessment

  • As writers: how do we approach writing when we know it is being assessed? How does the type of assessment affect our writing performance?
  • As teachers of writing: in what ways do we assess our students writing process and performance? How do the types of assessments we choose inherently affect our instruction and expectations for students?

Workshop Time

Class Time

  • Looking closely at each other's students' work
    • What do you notice in the work? (Say one thing positive)
    • What do you think the student was working on? (As a writer, how is this child growing)
    • What would you ask if you were conferring with this student? (What can he/she learn or try next)
  • Looking at student writing through the lens of assessment activity - Google Doc Link
    • Calkins Chapter 19: "Assessment: A Minds-On Approach to Teaching"
      • Page 329 - Assessment measures
      • Assessment Guide from the Units of Study
    • Graves: "Experiment with Portfolios"
      • p. 181-3 "Help students become more acquainted with their range of values"
      • p. 185 "Questions about Teaching Practice"
      • Students should be invested in their portfolio and choose their own work
      • Connecting to my 4th grade experience, picking the pieces that I wanted for my portfolio
      • Having the students choose the piece that they think they did well on is different from you choosing it
    • Condensed 6 Traits Guide
    • SBAC Sample Assessments
  • Exploring the Unfamiliar Genre assignment

Homework and Announcements

  • Next week
    • No class - conferences with Troy (havea good, solid draft of your TIB essay posted to the wiki). Please take a few minutes to fill our our Midterm SOS too.
    • Also, please read over the assignment sheet for the MGRP and bring your questions and ideas to our conference
    • Go to midtier next week, but kindly remind your host teacher that you will be off for Spring Break
  • Reading
    • Week after break: Anstey and Bull (Bb) and Hodgson (Bb)
    • Reading Guide -- using Anstey and Bull's "Planning for Teaching Mulitliteracies Using the Four Resource Model" (Figure 4), analyze what Hodgson asked his students to do in creating their digital picture books.
  • Writing
    • Unfamiliar Genre assignment due after break -- posted to your wiki profile page before class on March 12