Week 6: Genre Study: Non-fiction and Multigenre Research

  • As writers: how is non-fiction similar to and different from the typical kinds of writing we typically write in school? What are the expectations of different genres?
  • As teachers of writing: in what ways do we develop students' capacity to write non-fiction? What genres are students expected to write in at different grade levels?

Workshop Time

  • Read/Listen to at least three different TIB essays
  • Then, begin freewriting... choose at least three of your writing territories and try to write a few sentences on each one
  • Prepare a first draft for peer review next week and to share with Troy during your conference time the week after

Class Time

  • Field Notes #1
    • MAPS
    • Initial brainstorming and drafting

Homework and Announcements

  • Writing
    • Field Notes Summary #1 - please post before class to Google Docs
  • Reading
    • Calkins: 16 (Publication) and 19 (Assessment)
      • On page 332-3, Calkins has assessment rubrics. Using the two for "thoughtfullness" and "organization" provide a "score" for each of your 3 student samples.
    • Graves, Experiment with Portfolios (on Bb)
  • Other
    • Sign up for conference time with Troy
    • Bring in three samples of student work (photocopies, no names)