Week 4: Creating Mini-Lessons and Examining Mentor Texts

  • As writers: How can we learn from our favorite authors and what they write so that we can become better writers ourselves?
  • As teachers of writing: What does it mean to invite students into literature both as readers and as writers?

Workshop Time

Class Time

What are the similarities and differences between "regular" lessons and mini lessons?

How do mini-lessons fit into the overall procedure/structure of the writing workshop?
  • Dorn and Soffos: Types of mini-lessons: organizations, strategies, skills, and author's craft
  • Calkins: Learning from Literature, Revision, Qualities of Good Writing
    • p. 208 - Mini-lessons and revision
    • p. 211 - Mini-lessons and qualities of writing
    • p. 282 - Deliberate craftsmanship
    • p. 218 - Ways to multiply a mini-lesson

Your turn: Planning out mini-lessons -- you and a partner, develop two
  • Use the "Connect, Teach, Engage, Link, (Teach), and Share" model
  • Create a mini lesson from literature, about peer conferring, learning procedures, revise, qualities of good writing

Beginning your Professional Development Experience


  • Reading
    • Calkins: 13 (Conferring) and 14 (Learning to Confer)
    • Sowers (Bb) - Reflect, expand, select
    • Reading guide
  • Writing
    • Bring a solid draft of your memoir next week for peer review and polishing
  • Other
    • Begin keeping track of your weekly updates in your midtier field notes Google Doc