Week 1: Building a Writing Community

  • What do you need to know and be able to do to be an effective writer? In what ways can a community of writers support your growth as a writer?
  • What conditions are evident in successful writing classrooms? How do we encourage students to respond to one another's work and grow as a community of writers?

Writing Workshop

  • Mentor Text: Roxaboxen
  • Talking, Drawing, Writing
  • Neighborhood Map
  • Partner Response
  • Writing Time

Activities and Discussion

  • Jigsaw Reading of Lucy Calkins
    • Writing isn't about the quantity, but about the quality of meaning
    • You might struggle with writing about one topic, but when you revisit it you will further develop it
    • How do you motivate students to write without using prompts/carrots?
    • Listeners are as important as writers
    • Make something significant from small experiences (through rehearsal)
    • Think of writer's notebooks as bits of life that may or may not emerge
    • When you begin writing workshop you need to get them involved right away
    • Using rituals in the classroom to want to write in the notebook - "notebook news"
    • How do you help students understand that their best work may not be done the first time?
    • Writing multiple entries off of a previous entry -- how can they expand on their writing based on what's important to them?
  • Review Common Core/Download App
  • Conditions of a Writing Workshop
  • Overview of ENG 315 - Syllabus and Assignments
  • Wikispaces and Google Docs
  • Additional logistics, midtier form and notecards