Week 14: Connecting Curriculum and Teaching

  • As writers: in what ways do all the components of effective writing instruction influence what goals we set for ourselves, how we view the task of writing, and what we are able to do during writing workshop time?
  • As teachers of writing: how do we talk about our writing curriculum, including the structure of our workshop, how we respond to and assess our writers, and how we incorporate writing throughout the day and across subject areas?

Writing Workshop Time

Class Time

  • Consider Dressel's point: "Instead of having teachers who spend your class time preparing you to take a test or teachers who focus primarily on skills and conventions, I want you to have teachers who help you recognize the incredible significance of the everyday happenings in your life. I want them to help you see those things and encourage you to write about them."
    • Quick write and response -- imagine writing workshop from the perspective of your focus student. What does it feel like to be a writer in this workshop environment? What do you like? What don't you like? What helps you feel successful?
  • Agreeing to criteria for the Collaborative Thematic Units
  • Working with your team on Collaborative Thematic Units

Homework, Announcements, Other

  • April 23rd
**Collaborative Thematic Unit Presentation (200 Points)
    • SOS Forms
    • Presentation by Dr. Zhao at 7:00
  • April 30th
    • Prof. Dev. Exp. (100 Points) -- no PPT or screencast required
    • Digital Stories (100 Points)
    • Field Notes #3 (50 Points)
    • Pizza?