Week 11: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Diverse Learners

  • As writers: what patterns of language and habits of mind do we bring to our own writing? How are these patterns/habits similar to and different from those of other writers?
  • As teachers of writing: what moves do we make, intentionally or unintentionally, that support or exclude the patterns of language or habits of mind that our writers bring to our classrooms?

Writing Workshop Time

Class Time

  • "Should we teach Standard English?" Activity
    • Excerpt from Lisa Delpit's Other People's Children
    • AAVE Video
    • Bb Discussion/Class Discussion -- what can we do? In my writing my writing workshop, I can...
      • Be open and flexible to the structure of what you are doing in workshop -- topics
      • Don't get power hungry -- give the students some opportunity to have power in what they do
      • Allowing a student to share what he has got done, even if it isn't finished
      • Sometimes you will have to assign them partners
      • Be cautious about who you are paying attention to -- focus on each student
      • Fitting every students' needs into the workshop -- what level they are at
      • If you do split up kids during writing time, blind the level to the students
      • Make sure that students are not missing out on fun things in order to play catch up (essentially, don't make writing become punishment)
      • It is hard to find the time right now to give everyone what they need, but working with other specialists to make sure that the students have time to write
  • MGRP - "Rough Draft" Presentation

Homework, Announcements, Other

  • Spring Break for K-12 next week -- work on your MGRP!
    • Please read Calkins Ch. 20 (Workshop Teaching Throughout the Day) and the Daniels, Zemelman, and Stenike chapter from Content Area Writing on Bb
    • I will be on campus most of the day on Tuesday, April 2nd and I can be on campus on Wed, April 3rd if there is enough need/interest. (Sorry, can't be here on the 4th)
  • Please update in Google Docs by Sunday, March 31at midnight:
    • Field Notes Check #4 (10 points)
    • Field Notes Summary #2 (50 Points)
  • In class, April 2nd, we will do a writing-across-the-curriculum assignment (25 points)
  • In class, April 9th -- presentations of your Multigenre Research Project
  • Field Notes Check #5: Please have your two weeks of notes updated in Google Docs by midnight on Sunday, April 14.
  • April 23rd -- Collaborative Thematic Unit (200 Points) and Prof. Dev. Exp. (100 Points)
  • April 30th -- Digital Story (100 Points) and Field Notes Summary #3 (50 Points)