Professional Development Experience

Teachers are expected to design personalized professional development plans. This response will consist of three parts: 1) a professional development plan with reflections, 2) a book review, and both items 3) recorded as a screencast.

For part of your PD, you should attend a professional conference, workshop, or online event. The purpose of this assignment is for you to, quite literally, enter the professional conversation about what it means to be a teacher of writing. If financial considerations prevent your from attending any of the following events, you may complete an appropriate alternative assignment by responding to articles from a professional journal or viewing webinars or online videos.

To begin, make a copy of this Google Doc Template and share it with Troy.


  • Six hours of outside professional development, documented in a reflective journal
  • Read and review one professional book, described in a book review
  • Create a final presentation recorded as a screencast

Assignment Details

  • Due Date: Apr 23
  • Shared: Link from your writer's profile to a Google Doc based on this template
  • Assessment: Pass/Fail (with all component parts included) -- 100 points

Assignment Resources