Multigenre Research Project

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Round 1
Breanne - Conferring with Elementary Writers
Sarah - Making Writing Fun
Sam - Writing Across the Curriculum
Erin - Writing with English Language Learners
Round 2
Megan - Helping Struggling Writers
Bethany - Brainstorming and Developing Ideas
Amber - Conferring during Workshop Time
Julia - Helping Students Make Quality Revisions
Round 3
Jennifer - Helping Beginning Writers
Gwen - Supporting Struggling Writers
Amy - Teaching Grammar in a Meaningful Way
Alison - Writing Across the Curriculum
Round 4
Amanda - Teaching Middle School Writers
Alexa - Different Writing Genres
Jacq - Motivating Kindergarten Writers
Chelsea - Working with ESL Writers
Round 5
Caitlyn - Stepping into the Writing Process
Rachel - Working with Beginning Writers
Kristie - Creating a Fun and Comfortable Writing Workshop
John - Technology and Writing

As a future teacher of writing, this assignment invites you to delve deeper into a topic of personal interest and explore the topic in a manner that will be professionally useful beyond ENG 315. This will begin with the process of a “traditional” research paper, integrating sources and your own experiences, but will be written in different genres (e.g., magazine-style interview, informational website, annotated lessons, etc.). See samples of previous ENG 315 students' work.

Broad potential topics include:

  • Managing the writing workshop
  • Working with struggling writers
  • Working with English as a Second Language writers
  • Integrating technology
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching revision
  • Writing across the curriculum
  • Writing on demand

Other topics emerging from your classmates' own questions and ideas include:

  • working with middle school writers
  • scaffolding writing concepts for lower elementary students
  • creating a safe environment for young writers
  • teaching students to recognize sounds, letters, and words
  • understanding what can hinder students with their writing development
  • understanding why narrative writing is phased out that older grade levels
  • looking at students stories and drawings to see how they emphasize things in their writing
  • tips for helping students develop ideas for writing
  • young children's imaginative writing and how they develop ideas
  • how to help young children right for the very first time
  • making writing fun and feel less like a burden
  • balancing spelling and writing in kindergarten
  • developing lessons that get students excited about writing
  • thinking of different ways to get students talking and using social interaction in their writing
  • doing writing with early elementary students to help them express themselves
  • helping students who from letter formation into creating words
  • exploring how writing has changed from when I was younger and it felt more strict
  • helping students move from drawing to writing

Assignment Details

  • Due Date: Apr 2
  • Shared: A link from your Writer's Profile Page to other pages on this wiki or Mahara
  • Assessment: 250 200 Points (rubric to be provided)