ENG 315 Digital Storytelling Assignment

Due: Finals Night (April 30th)

Digital Storytelling takes the ancient art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using images, graphics, music and sound mixed together with the author's own story voice. Digital storytelling is an emerging art form of personal, heartful expression that enables individuals and communities to reclaim their personal cultures while exploring their artistic creativity. While the heart and power of the digital story is shaping a personal digital story about self, family, ideas, or experiences, the technology tools also invite writers and artists to think and invent new types of communication outside the realm of traditional linear narratives.
(Bernajean Porter, Digitales: The Art of Digital Storytelling)

Your final personal piece for your writing portfolio will be be a digital story. Following in the general theme of the Memoir and This I Believe assignment, you will have an opportunity to compose a digital story about a topic of personal interest. Before reading further into the assignment, watch this example of a former ENG 315 student, Jodi Stratton. Think about how she used her own narration, photos, music, and other video effects to create a coherent, thoughtful digital story.

What did you notice about how Jodi used:
Script (Written Text)
Other Effects

Minimum requirements:

  • Using WeVideo to create a 3-5 minute digital video about a topic from your writing territories
  • The digital story must include your voice (recorded narration) through at least half of the video (apx 250-500 words of script)
  • You should use at least half of your own images (photos or drawings) and are welcome to use additional music, images, sound effects, and other multimedia resources. Keep track of your resources as a simple list of URLs that you can post to your wiki page. A few good resources to get started:

Since this project is likely very new to most of you, I am evaluating the effort of your work, not the final product. Along with your final video, you will submit a 250-500 word reflective letter that describes how you approached the process of composing your digital story. What decisions did you make as a writer? What was difficult for you? What did you learn about yourself as a writer during this process? What did you learn about using digital storytelling with your future students?

If you submit your video (embedded on your writer's profile page) and this letter on time (Tuesday, April 30), you will earn the full 100 points for the project.