Bethany would consider herself a writer. In fact, she has been doing it for many years and learned to write in school, by practicing writing and reading books like Junie B. Jones. Bethany says people write for many reasons which can range from telling a good story, or reporting information they have researched. In order to write well, Bethany believes one has to have something to say with the proper spelling and grammar. Other than writing for school, Bethany said she used to write poems and continues to write in a diary. “I decided what to write about depending on how I feel; if something makes me happy or sad, I will write about it”. Peer or teacher responses help Bethany most as a writer; constructive criticism helps her to determine what is good, what to expand on and how to help in the writing process. Bethany writes at home about every other week, depending on what has been happening in her life. In general, she feels happy about her writing even though many people do not get a chance to read it.

My favorite writing teacher was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Smith. I always enjoyed writing but felt extremely comfortable writing in her class. Every day she would have us write in Writer’s Notebooks. Mrs. Smith would have her students write about the topic she chose for us, or a topic of our choice. Being given freedom to write gave me more opportunities to express myself and tell stories that I felt were important. She would allow us to choose if she read our Writer's Notebooks or not and would make supportive comments in the notebooks she would read. My favorite writing assignment Mrs. Smith had us do was write an autobiography; in fact, I still have this assignment. It made me realize how inspiring it can be to write about something you have a lot of knowledge about and enjoy writing about. Writing about my interests and thoughts encouraged me to start a diary to express my emotions and day to day situations. Mrs. Smith had a way of making us feel comfortable to share our writing and to develop an interest in writing.

Writing Territories:
  • Places-
    • o Up North/Frankfort
    • o Dominican Republic
    • o Grundy, Virginia
    • o Chicago, Il
    • o Mount Pleasant, MI
    • o Connecticut
    • o The cottage
  • Family
    • o Mom
    • o Dad
    • o Robby
    • o Zeke
  • Sports
    • o Wrestling
    • o Football
  • Accomplishments
    • o Graduating high school/CMU
    • o Scholarships
    • o Dean’s List
  • Dreams
    • o Working in an inner city school
    • o Completing my bucket-list (be a bridesmaid, get a tattoo, go to Sea World, own a wiener dog named Elroy, on a cruise…)
  • Events
    • o Harlem Globetrotters
    • o Circus de Soleit
    • o Marti Gras
  • Favorites
    • o The Lorax
    • o Bows
    • o Earrings
    • o Painting nails
    • o Animal print