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The Biography of Amber Cummings

Amber is a student at Central Michigan University who sees herself not only as a hard working student, but also as a writer. Her background of writing comes from school and her ability to read. Amber feels that people write for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are to escape or express, this is usually seen as a hobby. She believes others simply write because it is required at school or their job.
Looking at writing, Amber feels that a person needs to be able to read well in order to write well. A writer learns from reading and can use their knowledge of reading for their writing. They also have to be familiar with language and grammar. These important aspects are what help make one write well.
One of the main places that Amber enjoys writing is in her journal. She makes it part of her personal everyday routine to write in her journal. She waits till the end of the day when it is time to relax and get ready for bed.“When I’m writing, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like part of my daily routine. It is a way to relax.”
When Amber is ready to write in her journal, she thinks about her interests. She enjoys writing about what sparks her attention. She often thinks back to experiences she has had as well as things she has seen. Her personal thoughts and feelings are what she writes about most as they are what come easy to her. Amber expressed that about 2 hours of her week are dedicated to writing. Once she is done writing, Amber feels confident and expressed. She is relaxed and at ease about what she has written. Her writing is a way to document her life and thoughts.
When Ambers writing receives a response, she prefers the response to be constructive feedback. She appreciates it when the reader not only addresses her mistakes, but shows her how to fix them as well. Amber's great way of looking for improvement and expressing herself shows the amazing writer she is.

My Favorite Writing Teacher

It is honestly hard for me to come up with one favorite writing teacher, since I have been lucky enough to have several great ones. So for the purposes of this assignment, I will choose the first teacher who helped me to realize my interest in writing and the potential I had as a young writer. Her name was Dallas King and she was my sixth grade English teacher. Surprisingly, most of my friends didn't enjoy Ms. King, but she was my favorite teacher that year. She pushed her students to do their best, and when they would do their best she would make it a point to go out of her way to tell them how proud she was. Ms. King was the first teacher who addressed my writing skills and told me that I was a talented student. She also was one of the first teachers to give more than just red marks on papers. She would write out thoughts of what was good and what I could consider for next time. My absolute favorite thing was that we wrote in her class everyday, and about topics that we chose.

On top of being an exceptional writing teacher, she also genuinely cared about her students. She didn't pick favorites, and she would go out of her way to get to know everyone in her class in a way that most other teacher's did not. Ms.King was one of the first teachers that I really thought of as a normal human being, someone who had feelings and a life outside of school. I appreciated that she didn't act superior than us and that she shared her life experiences with us commonly.

My Writing Territories

  • My fiance Eric (story, proposal)
  • Mom (ring, best friend)
  • Grandma BJ (dog, passing)
  • Molly
  • Binx Jr.
  • Boo
  • Binx Sr.
  • Cats
  • Jon Glenn (mentor)
  • Brittany
  • Tori (life long friend)
  • CMU
  • LAS
  • Teaching
  • Hawaii Trip I or II
  • Trip to Florida
  • Being busy
  • Blankets
  • Photos
  • Writing
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Cutting my finger 7th grade
  • Getting out of unhealthy relationship
  • Sea turtle experience
  • Moving to Dansville
  • Growing up in a small town
  • Marrying into the Military
  • Moving to NC

Writing Pieces