Amber's Narrative

I sat at the table, finishing up a reading analysis assignment before going to break, and I hear the hustle and bustle of seats and voices gathering around me. I slowly look up, and realize I was surrounded. I felt like the rainbow fish- the one from the book that every 90’s kid knows and loves- stuck in a fishbowl with the whole female population of my class flooding in to get a glimpse, or rather a handful, of my shimmering scales.
Rachel leaned forward snatching my computer, facing it in her direction while exclaiming, “Okay, tell me everything!”
I could tell the anticipation of waiting for this ten-minute break during our three hour course was nearly killing her.
“I’m such a hopeless romantic, I eat up this kind of stuff,” explained Brittany.
I felt my cheeks turning red with the heat from their expectations of something fantastic and magical. But I sucked it up and began, “Well…” And there I was, again, telling my version of what every girl dreams about, my start to a new chapter in life, a moment that lasts a lifetime, my engagement.
I was instantly taken back to how it all happened…
The wind was picking up and I could feel the sand cooling in the spaces between my toes. I could tell we had to have been out there for hours since the sun was now disappearing behind the mountain. The water slowly was creeping its way further inland, now reaching my ankles where it had started barely wetting the sand beneath my feet. My hair was turning into that thin stringy spaghetti like texture when you have been outside to long, and I could feel the sand, like a million microscopic leaches, sticking to the back of my legs. I must have been lagging behind because I felt the tug of the leash in my hand pulling me forward. Molly was looking back at me with her face covered in sand, her little wrinkled body panting frantically with drool hanging from her little puppy chops. I could tell that she was trying to catch up to Eric who was about ten feet or so in front of me, so I picked up the pace lifting my feet higher and quicker through the sand.
“Are we about done Cass?” I asked.
Cass was quite a few feet ahead of me with her camera hanging from her neck. We had taken at least three hundred pictures in the two hours we had been out on the beach. Since I had been in Hawaii, Eric and I had only been to this particular beach one other time. Turns out the wind on this side of Oahu was a bit intense. Cass yelled back to me, “Yep, I just want to get a few more shots right up here!”
“Finally,” I thought... I volunteered for her to do this shoot with us, but I didn’t realize how exhausting it was going to be trudging through the sand and posing every which way. Eric came to a stop, and Cass began to position him for the next picture.
I looked out to the water and I realized that the sky had turned into a rainbow of deep pinks and purples. Cass motioned for me to come over to Eric’s side. She quickly grabbed Molly’s leash from my hands and began explaining how she wanted us. Molly paid no attention to the swap; I looked ahead to see that she was focused on a small crab scurrying through the sand.
“Amber, stand right her and angle your body toward me. Eric, I want you to get down on one knee, take Amber’s hand and kiss it once I am positioned. Alright?” Before either of us could respond her back turned, and she was kneeling angling her camera lens toward us.
I looked down at Eric and giggled seeing him in such a vulnerable position in front of me. He blushed, chuckling himself, and reached to my right side grabbing my hand. His hand was so warm and comforting laced in mine. It felt amazing since I could feel the exposed parts of my skin beginning to get goose bumps. Cass started to count down, I smiled, and Eric’s lips touched my hand… SNAP! The shoot was taken.
I looked back down at Eric, trying to pull my hand away, but he held it firmly in his. I was slightly taken back, but then my eyes gazed his other hand and there it was…the ring. I was totally distracted by the diamond shimmering in what was left of the sunlight. All of the sudden my mind was racing! I felt dizzy, and unstable. It was like a huge heat wave came completely over me, submerging me in a pool of nerves and emotions. He is proposing, he is proposing, he is PROPOSING, is all I could think. I saw his lips moving and heard his sweet tender voice, but I couldn’t manage to process what he was saying until I heard those four words…“Will you marry me?”
For a moment it was like my heart stopped, and I realized I had been holding my breath the whole time. Breathing out rapidly, in a hyperventilating like manner, I sputtered, “Yes!” My arms instantly wrapped around his body. Feeling a tear fall down onto the top of his shoulder, I squeezed him even closer taking in the sweet familiar smell of his cologne. And that was when I thought; this is the first day of the rest of our lives together.

Question for Troy: What would you say would be one area to grow from in this particular piece of my writing?