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Amanda Conway considers herself a writer. She began learning how to write from her parents when they introduced letters to her as a young child. Learning to write continued for her through grade school within the curriculum. Amanda shared a story from when she was a child learning to write her name. At the age of 3 or 4 Amanda would continuously mess up a letter in her name and feel the need to start over. Adults would seem to quickly fix it but she wasn’t sure how. Later she learned the use of an eraser! The amazing tool adults were using right in front of her, but an explanation was needed for Amanda’s understanding. Amanda believes people write for academic purposes, to express themselves, create lists, share information, for enjoyment, and to develop plans for example IEP’s which will be useful in her career. She stated that for someone to know how to write well they have to be able to communicate in a common form of communication that can be expressed to someone else. Amanda likes to write stories, mostly for entertainment. She writes to tell about herself, share feelings and experiences, make lists, and communicate through written letters. Amanda is also working on writing more poetry as she it will be a component in her classroom. Amanda typically decides to write about major events currently happening in her lPhoto on 2012-01-06 at 22.53.jpgife. It may be about things that have happened, assignments she has been given in school, or she may decide to write simply to make a list of things she needs to remember. Both verbal and written responses from others help Amanda as a writer. She feels she needs to hear the response to understand it, but it is helpful to have it written in order to remember the feedback. Daily writing occurs in Amanda’s life including writing in texting, on the computer, in lists, and school work. In general, Amanda feels confident about what she writes. This confidence arose during her beginning English college classes at Central Michigan University. Her professor had a large impact on her writing and overall confidence as a writer. She shared that her professor was most helpful in reviewing aspects of writing she had missed in previous years of schooling. The mechanics of writing and forming strong ideas were critical lessons Amanda learned through her college writing classes that contribute to the writer she is today.


hobbies: I love to play basketball, wether it is shooting hoops, playing a quick pick up game, or even just dribbling the ball I always have a good time doing it.

Pets: I have one cat, and his name is Neddles. He is about one years old and is a very unique cat.

Family: Well I have a Mom, a Dad, and a younger brother named Brandon who is now 18 years old. I am engaged to a man named Craig. He lights up my world. His family is just like my own and it makes me happy to know that I get to add a brother, a sister, and another Mom and Dad to my life. Giny is Craig's sister and is married to Eltaro. They are having a baby which makes me even more excited because I get to be an Aunt! Craig's parents names are Kim and Dan and they have been so supportive of me. I love them all and feel very blessed to have two great families.

*New update the baby is a boy!!!! I am going to have a nephew =) he is due July 4th 2013 =)

My Favorite Teacher

More often then not I have had wonderful teachers in my life. However, there is one that sticks out the most for me. Her name is Cammie Collings. She teaches English right here at Central Michigan University. I had her for two semesters and she taught me how to be a successful writer.

In high school, I did not know it at the time, but my teachers did not push me to continually grow with my writing. My freshman year was the last year a teacher ever made progress with my writing skills. I think back to it now and wish I could make some changes in the classes I took. I had no idea that taking the easier English classes could hinder me in all of my college courses. At the time I thought "why worry about passing college classes? I am in high school still. I will worry about it then." Eventually that day came and it was a rude awakening.

I had been assigned my first college paper and guess what? If your guess is I failed it then yep you are right, because I failed it. He called it plagiarism because I did not cite it right. He also heavily criticized my writing style. I continued to have problems with all of my papers until the following semester. That is when Cammie Collings became my writing teacher. She taught me all of the things my high school teachers failed to take time to teach. She met every one of her students at their level and encouraged them to improve on their writing. She never made anyone feel bad about what they wrote either. Not making her students feel bad about themselves created a safe learning environment for all of the students in the class. She was both a great teacher and a role model. She made me want to be a good writer and take pride in what I write. Everything she taught me stuck with me too. That is a lot to say. Not very often do I think about teachers when doing course work.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am glad I got the opportunity to be Cammie's student. She allowed me to feel good about my writing and allowed me to feel the need to improve my communication skills through writing on a every day basis.

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