1-14196_10101118986623848_591779061_n.jpg Writing Interview: Alison shared that she does not think she is a leisurely writer. However, she will write when she has writing assignments to complete. Alison feels most people learn to write from the process of direct instruction at a young age, while others learn to write through unconventional writing opportunities. She also feels that people tend to write in order to express their thoughts, opinions, and views. She feels that writers want to communicate, express, or persuade readers with their writing. When asked what writers have to know in order to write well, she feels good language skills in the areas of vocabulary, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics help in the process of effective writing. Alison explained that she prefers writing to convey information, rather than creative writing. She feels most comfortable when she writes with writing prompts for a more formal style of writing. When asked about creative writing, she tends to focus her writing about her family. After writing, Alison feels that the most helpful response is constructive feedback. While at home, Alison does not choose to write in her free time. She expressed that she will write when knowledgeable about a formal subject, but can feel uncomfortable writing more personal feelings and emotions. Although she is not confident and does not enjoy creative writing, she is confident in her formal informational writing.

Favorite Writing Teacher:
My favorite writing teacher was my seventh grade Language Arts teacher. She created an environment where all students felt respected and valued as writers. When we were stuck coming up with ideas, she did fun brainstorming activities and allowed us to talk with our friends. Being able to talk to other students helped us realize the potential of our writing. My teacher also was approachable when we had questions. She was open to helping us and never made students feel like they had stupid questions.

Writing Territories:
  • Family
    • Mom and Dad
    • Sister-Erica
    • Brothers- Alex and Connor
    • Cat- Oliver
  • Childhood
    • Beach with Family
    • Beach with Friends
    • Boating- tubing, knee boarding, learning to ski
    • Family Vacation
  • Adventures
    • Summer Nanny in MA
      • Maine
      • Ocean
      • Seal Watch
      • Martha's Vineyard
      • Ocean Fishing
      • Lobster Trip
      • Cape Cod Chip Factory
      • Boston
    • Colorado Ski Trip
      • Driving
      • Learning to Ski
      • Hot Springs
    • Senior Year Spring Break
      • First time on a plane
      • 4 best friends
      • Condo
  • Substitute Teaching
    • Good Points
    • Bad Points
    • Learning Experience
    • Fears
  • Leadership Development
    • Benefits
    • Programs (Ignite, Connections, Alpha, Bath Middle School, Stugis HS, etc.)
  • Roommates
    • Bad Situations/Learning Experiences
    • Good Situations
  • Life Changes (high school to college)
    • Study Habits
    • Household Chores
    • Personality

Works of Art: