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“When I write, I picture memories as a play-by-play before putting it on paper.”

Alexa, from Central Michigan University, is a writer. Her writing days began early on, due to her mother being in frenzy about Alexa missing out on Preschool. Mom feared of Alexa falling behind her peers, therefore would work with her commonly on writing. Alexa also learned all about the basics, and the “common sense” of writing through her schooling.
When Alexa was asked what people need to do, or know, in order to write well she said, “They must know the basics of writing, have knowledge of phonemes, and read commonly.” In her opinion, the types of responses that have, and continue to, help her grow most a writer were those that contained some type of positive feedback. She stated that explanations of area’s to improve upon were equally as important, but the positive encouragement is what has kept her going.
Alexa is someone who is inspired to write through the events and experiences that take place within her own life. Each day brings on another chapter for her to reflect upon how she was feeling, what she did and what she saw. She often is inspired to write about her expectations and hopes for the future as well. While Alexa listed several purposes to writing such as to express one’s self, to explain something, to escape, for reports and/or other various schooling assignments, she mostly likes to write to reflect and look to what lies ahead. She is a fan of free-style writing and stories rather than assigned writing. When asked, Alexa said that she spends on average 30 minutes writing at home per week. She explained that at this point in her life, a lot of her writing takes place through assignments.
Overall, Alexa is a confident and well equipped writer. She knows her strengths and a weakness, while also is confident in her work. She is a well-rounded writer and she knows what produces quality writing. There is no doubt that Alexas has a bright future of teaching her passion for the skill of writing within her own classroom.

My favorite writing teacher
As a student, I have had many different writing teachers. Mr. Smith was a writing teacher that I will never forget. The reason I remember Mr. Smith so well, is because of the way he influenced us students to be passionate about what we were writing. If we had to write a paper about research on an animal, he made sure that we found our animal to be unique and exciting. This way we would enjoy writing about it. He made sure that we found out all the interesting details to make any subject fun to write about. Mr. Smith forced us to use our minds in different ways than I had ever used before. I was forced to look into the past and the future and loved it. We would write things with such detail that when we re-read it, we would feel as if we were actually there. Mr. Smith is the one who taught me to love writing. He was a great teacher that had an amazing influence on me.

Alexa's Mentor Text
MultiGenre Project
Personal Narrative

Field Notes Weekly Log

This I Believe
  • Family
    • Mom: Lori
    • Dad: Manuel
    • Brother: Danny

  • Pets
    • 2 cats: Piper and Jack
    • Turtle: Squirtle

  • Dreams
    • To have a family
    • To be a dance teacher
    • To be a first grade teacher

  • Accomplishments
    • Being admitted into the Teacher Education Program
    • Getting a job at Sacred Heart Academy
    • Dancing on a nationals stage

  • Music
    • The Beatles
    • Train

  • Movies
    • Pocahontas
    • Never Been Kissed
    • Pitch Perfect

  • Sports
    • Dance