One Persons Impact

Growing up, I was always a shy child. I never went out of my way to talk to people and always was in my own little world. Even with my family, I would shy away. There was always that one person that could push through my shyness and reach the real me. The one person who left an impact on my life that I will never forget or stop feeling. That was my grandpa. From a little girl's perspective, my grandpa, an extremely large man, was the person to look up too. He loved to fix things, even though he would cuss like a sailor while fixing them. I always remember him eating cheese and cookies too. He was kind of like a real life Santa, only he liked to pick on me and didn't have a beard.

My grandpa was an extremely well known positive man who was always joking around. He did whatever he could to make sure my cousins and I were having the time of our lives. Looking back now, my grandpa always had a new activity for us grandchildren to do. We would do activities such as, going frog hunting and making Indian tepees to pulling us in a sled behind his truck. He is the man who taught me how to fish, convinced me to jump off the dock, and taught me how to make clay models. He would let me sit in his workshop and mold my clay and paint it. I felt so special that I would get to sit as his desk, where he made all his different wood furniture. My grandpa was always there to make my day great even by saying a lame joke. He was there for me through all of my achievements. The way he showed how much he cared, will never leave me. Sitting in bleachers was a tough thing for him as he got older, but he came to my graduation and dance competitions and sat there anyway. My achievements were important to him. When a person does this, goes above and beyond for you, they leave a special feeling in your heart.

This man made an effort to be there for me whenever I needed him. He was my hero. He is my hero.

The way that my grandpa was there for me, only makes me want to be there for other people in my life. I know that when I am in a situation in the future with my students, I will make sure to go the extra mile to be there for them in every way. Just like my grandpa did for me. I hope to give them the great feeling of knowing someone is there for you. Having him in my life has made me want to be a better person and he has made me aware of how I treat others.

There are all different types of impacts to leave on a person. If you are lucky, someone will come into your life and leave a life-long lasting one. When you think about someone, the feeling you get describes the type of impact they have left on you. When I think about my grandpa, I feel warm and loved inside. He has left an everlasting touch on my life, which makes me believe leaving an impact of someone's life, is the greatest impact to leave.