A Brush with the Enemy
[Scene: Two soldiers prepare to be deployed on a mission. Even though the mission happens twice a day, it is of vital importance. One of the soldiers is a rookie, having never seen action before. The other is a grizzled veteran, who is just going through the motions. The scene begins just before deployment]

Tooth Paste [A young solider as green as they come. He has just exited The Tube, a training facility where the best and brightest in plaque prevention are trained]: So, you’ve done this before, eh?

Tooth Brush [An old toothbrush who has seen many cleanings. His bristles are frayed and he shows signs of wear, but he remains committed to the cause]: Oh yeah, tons of times. If anything, I’ve been doing this too long. I probably should have been replaced a while ago.

Paste: Well, is there anything I know before we get ready to go. I’m just out of the Tube.

Brush: Don’t worry lad, you’ll do fine. The first part of your job is a snap. Just hang on to me until we make contact with the target. After that…

Paste: What, what happens after that?

Brush: Well, after that it’s pure chaos out there. Just try and grab onto whatever you can. I’ll be making sweeps to try and make sure you get where you need to go. But I’m not gonna lie to you, it’ll be pretty crazy out there. Just try and focus on your objective.

Paste: Which is what exactly?

Brush: You don’t even know what you goal is? You really are right out of the Tube. Plaque son, plaque! The scourge of all innocent teeth. It is our duty to keep the teeth safe, so they can do their job.

Paste: So I just find this plaque? How will I know where it is?

Brush: You don’t know where it is. That’s not your job. It’s the job of the president of the teeth to guide us there. You just find the plaque and remove it. You also have to deliver the package.

Paste: Package, sir?

Brush: Why fluoride of course! Don’t they teach you recruits anything? The plaque is out there decimating these teeth, so we aren’t there to just destroy the plaque, we are there to reinforce the teeth so they can remain strong and vigilant in their duties. Do you even know how to fight plaque boy?

Paste: Yes sir. They taught us back in the tube. After we find the plaque, we scrub it away with our abrasions. After that, we remain on site to prevent against any further plaque.

Brush: That’s right. At least they taught you something useful back in the tube. But you know only part of you remains there, right?

Paste: Yes sir! The other part awaits extraction, which should come two to three minutes after touch down.

Brush: That’s right! [The brush is lifted off of the counter] Well, the boss appears to be getting ready for deployment. Any last questions before we head out?

Paste: Um, yes sir. How will I know when to extract? And how will I know the teeth have been fully cleaned?

Brush: Don’t worry too much about extraction. You don’t need to do anything. After you’ve done your duty to this fine mouth, water will sweep in and carry you down the throat, and after that you are done. You can take a break and relax, you’ve earned it. As for the mouth, well as long as you get spread to all of the teeth and make sure to cover them all then you have nothing to worry about. Just get in there and take out as much plaque as you can. And as for what’s left, you leave that to the cleanup crew. Old floss and mouthwash may not see as much action as us, but they get their job done, making sure no plaque sneaks by us. After them, we will rest until it’s time for another drop. Hopefully these old bristles won’t see too much more action before retirement. I’ve got a place down by the medicine cabinet that I’m looking forward to seeing more of. Good luck out there son.

Paste: Thank you for all of your help, sir. It’s an honor to serve with you.

[Brush and Paste enter the mouth as the screen fades to black.]

[The next scene opens up as the president of the mouth exits his house. He sees something in the distance and lets out a huge smile. All of his teeth shimmer in the sun, white and clean. The movie ends with the president walking away, and we know that both Brush and Floss have done their mouth proud]